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Reading Tips for Parents

"Reading is the most powerful skill you can learn. It wakes up your imagination and helps you discover the world."         

What you can do! 

You play a vital role in helping your child read and succeed. Here are some tips for raising a confident reader. 

1. Read to your child daily -- even after your child learns to read. Cuddle up in a quiet, comfortable spot to help your child associate reading with feeling secure, relaxed, and loved. 

2. Discuss what you read together. Ask questions, listen attentively to your child's answers. 

3. Be patient with struggling readers. Let them take their time while reading aloud. Help your child figure out the meaning of new words from the context of the sentence. 

4. If your child is old enough to use a dictionary, urge him or her to look up new words discovered while reading. 

5. Take your child to the library often and check out a variety of age appropriate books. Ask the librarian for recommendations. 

6. Encourage your child to bring a book along wherever he or she goes. 

7. Be a role model -- read on your own. By seeing how much you enjoy reading, your child will learn that its a great source of information and fun. 

taken from Suzanne Moore, Positive Promotions 

"There is more treasure in books, than in all the pirates loot on
Treasure Island."
- Walt Disney

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